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With busy work and school schedules, it is difficult to have enough time to clean your home. This exposes the need for domestic cleaning services. There are numerous domestic cleaning companies out there providing multiple services. However, if you are looking for an honest, reliable and hard-working company with years of experience in office commercial, end of tenancy, and of course domestic residential services, BCS London have the best domestic cleaning services available in the UK. As the leader in domestic cleaning in London, these are our main qualities and reasons why you should choose BCS London.

We offer strong experience and professionalism with all of our services including customer experience. We deliver excellent domestic cleaning services on your request and following your needs and expectations.

We are a flexible domestic cleaning company. We address your immediate needs. Our domestic service can be tailored to your requirements. We don’t have a specific structure or plan when we provide our services. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with a maximum of informations and tasks you want us to follow. We only charge you depending on your specific requests.

Affordable cost
We deliver the best domestic cleaning services at the best prices. However, we do not provide « cheap services » as many of our competitors will do without a top-notch delivery of the services you paid for. Our domestic cleaning services a reasonable and top quality. You choose what tasks need to be executed, that way, you know the exact costs of your domestic cleaning service before we start the job.

Safe cleaning products
BCS London uses safe cleaning products for all of our jobs. We understand that some people might have allergies, therefore we tend to use green eco-friendly products.
However, sometimes some tasks or jobs need the use of professional stronger products.
Most of our products are made using natural components, they have no harsh chemicals that may harm your health and of those living in your home.

Quality services
We offer quality cleaning services. Our cleaners are regularly trained and all have health and safety certifications up to date.
If you are a new customer, we send you our best cleaners and if you would like, we can send the same cleaners the next time. That way, the cleaner knows exactly your home and can provide you with excellent service.


Forget about cleaning your house by yourself, BCS London takes care of it ! Focus on things that matter, your family, your free time and things you love to do!

We can provide one-off deep cleaning for your home. If you are looking for a regular cleaning service, we can have a dedicated team of cleaners for you.

  • Same cleaners you know every time
  • Professionally trained
  • Reliable
  • Insured
  • Background checked
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Bring equipment (you can provide yours if you wish !)
  • Recommended cleaners


Are you looking for other types of cleaning services in London? We cater all cleaning services from carpet cleaning, end of tenancy, residential and commercial.

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